A Free Epic Space Shooter

Mars, spaceships, cat-babes and revolution! Battle up to 48 players simultaneously in an epic deep space deathmatch. You’re an asteroid strip-mining pirate on the run from the law in outSol, flying a heavily armed space tug in the battle for Mars and booty. Staying alive means keeping one eye out for rival clans, one eye out for Multicorp security, and both hands on the trigger!

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SEU episodes are written for and by real gamers like you, for the most immersive gaming experience. Collaborate with the entire Space Epic Untitled community to write creative storylines, develop new space weapons, and create out-of-this-world characters. Share your ideas, help others realize their creations, and, together, we can expand the Space Epic Untitled universe to galactic proportions!


  • Play on either a PC, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Android TV.
  • An internet connection.
  • Bonus abilities and player stations available with the free Space Epic Untitled: Controller App from iTunes, Amazon or Google Play for your mobile device.
    • The Gunner’s Station has gyroscopic input so you can spin around and shoot down enemies, activate shields and spawn drones for reinforcement.
    • The Engineer’s Station uses your camera for video chat and allows you to control a robot that repairs your ship.
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